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Weh Island

There was the time when Sabang became a favored port above Singapore. In 1 942, Japan military quickly entreched in Weh after overruninng Singapore. After three and half years, Japan surrendered and were disloged from the island. War and foreign occupation seem far removed from the tranquil and unhurried life of Weh today.

Due to the increasing interest of tourist from all over the world-especially from Europe and Japan, Sabang l s diving spot has been rapidly developed. This improvement is to provide better route and comfort lodging during visitor's travel in Weh island.

Weh Island Dive Sites


Weh Island Dive Site

Diving in Weh Island


A densely populated with marine life such as scorpionfish, lionfish, leaffish and blue spotted rays. Its topography makes a nice and easy dive, it is also a good spot for night diving. Rubiah Sea Garden has a couple of wonderful coral gardens that drop down to 30 meters or so, black spotted and honeycomb morays are resident here.   Back to top

Raja Ampat Islands


Appropriately nicknamed by the Acehnese Arus Palee, which Arus Balle means bastard current and is also a name of the water passage around the rocky pinnacle situated between the islands of Seulako and Rubiah. This spot attracts bigger feeders including sharks and barracuda. Seulako Island offers some great drift diving opportunities in the strong currents.   Back to top


Batee Tokong is a great spot to find morays including the rare fimbriated and yellow margined species. The sheer concentration of the creatures here is outstanding. A steep slope densely covered with gorgonians continues downwards to over 40 meters, where a second wall starts. On the north side you'll find a 24 to 28 meters depth plateau commonly called Shark Plateau where black and whitetip reef sharks, gray sharks and the occasional silvertip are often seen.   Back to top


Pantee Aneuk Seuke or 'The Canyon' offers caves, arches, walls and canyons often with big visitors such as mantas, barracuda and napoleon wrasse. For the deep freaks the best spot is Pantee Peunateung with its drop off to around 70 meters. Big schools of trevally and chevron barracuda are often seen around the drop off, however caution must be taken diving here as the current often sweeps downwards. Looking up through the vertical fields of gorgonians into the dappled sunlight is magical.   Back to top


Batee Gla has some great rock formations, swim through and arches that can be good to drift through when the currents are strong. There is even a wreck dive or two here, the 1 34 meter long Sophie Rickmers is an impressive wreck, covered with corals and home to several morays and groupers, situated in the sheltered Bay of Pria Laot. The cargo steam ship was built in 1920 in Germany. On May 1st 1940, she was one of 5 ships confiscated by the British in the waters around Weh island. Decompression diving is required as the wheelhouse is at 37 meters, the decks at around 45 meters and the straight bow resting on bottom lies at over 55 meters deep.   Back to top


A shallower wreck of a tugboat can be found at 14 meters in Sabang Harbor, she makes for a great macro dive. At nearby Pria Laot Bay streams of hot spring bubbles from an underwater volcano makes a memorable experience. Batee Meuduro pinnacle is situated around an hour away on the south side of Weh Island, it is one of the islands top sites with great viz, big pelagics and several species of shark.

Accommodation ranges from basic bungalows to luxurious cottages are available and also a number of restaurants serve.   Back to top

Bintan Island

It is the largest among 3,200 islands in the Riau Islands and the third largest of 33 provinces in Indonesia. Bintan is located just 45 kilometers South East of Singapore and twice is its size. Northern Bintan is easily accessible via a 45-minutes ride on a catamaran from Singapore's Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. And if you like to go to the southern part of Bintan, there are ferries available, which depart from the World Trade Centre and take 90 minutes each way. Though it may seem that Bintan is quite near, you still need your passport, and, a visa where necessary.

During the Dutch colonial period, this area is full with tales of piracy and conflicts. Riau was a well-known place for trade of gold, silk, spices, and porcelain. Many of their ships sank on the reefs or fell prey to pirate attacks. You can wander along beaches and pick up fragments of Ming Dynasty porcelain, which are still being washed ashore from wrecked Chinese junks which sank over 400 years ago, and give you a first hand account of the legend and history!

Bintan Dive Site

Bintan island

Bintan has a couple of dive resorts but more are based in neighboring Singapore. Little is documented about specific Dive Sitess in the archipelago but the general underwater topography consists of shallow fringing reef and good coral and macro life, the two main areas for diving lie just at the edge of the equator line. However due to its overall geography visibility is often not as good as other Indonesian dive destinations. In Bintan, diving promises to be comfortably civilized.

Bintan island straddles the Malacca Straits, which are one of the oldest and busiest marine trading routes in the world. Its not surprising then that there are a number of wrecks around the islands, the more popular ones are two merchant vessels and a Japanese WWII bomber. The islands are small and close to one another, and the wrecks are usually in shallow waters, island hopping is easy and inexpensive. According to Dr. Kal Muller, the author of " Diving Indonesia " , visibility and the underwater structure in North Bintan is nothing to brag about, but there's plenty to see, quite positive in spite of the restricted visibility which ranged from a close to awful 3 meters (but still a lot betier than Singapore) to a passable 7 meters.

Bintan island has a large ecological areas and the sea life has many things to offer. The climate is serene for almost the whole year mnd you can choose to visit here at your disposal. However, if you like to dive in the sea and would love to do it here in eintan Island, then don't worry, it would make a great experience for you! The water is calm for even the novice divers and there are always same surprises for the experienced divers!


Natuna Archipelago is a 272 islands of Indonesia, consisting of Riau archipelago, Natuna Islands, Anambas, and Lingga Islands. Located in the Natuna Sea between East and West Malaysia and Kalimantan. It is part of the vast province, which embraces all of the islands off the Riau mainland. Matak Island at present serves as a base for offshore oil exploration. Natuna can however offer unspoiled beaches and a landscape and a culture that is absolutely worth a visit. The islands are known for lovely woven textiles and their traditional dances.

If you want to witness a remarkable avifauna, the Natuna Islands just have the perfect diversity of 71 (registered) species of bird, which includes the near threatened Lesser Fish-eagle, the Natun Serpent-eagle or the rare endemic Silvery Wood-pigeon. Also among other endangered species that still can be found here is the Green Flora, the Brown Fulvetta or the Green Broadbill.

Dive Sites


Boat cruising the waters between the islands is among potential attractions. Some real and thrilling adventures are available since there are many islands surrounding Senayang and excellent packages include cycling, bush wacking, swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Padang offshore & Mentawai Islands

As a city that holds national legend of Siti Nurbaya and Malin Kundang, Padang is the capital and largets city of West Sumatera. In the hills of Muara, you can find her cemetery and a bridge that is named after the late Siti Nurbaya. Meanwhile, the stone of Mali Kundang could be found in the Sweet Water (Air Manis) Beach.

More than just a great tourist attraction, Padang is also famous for the great culinary heritage so popular that you could easily found Padang restaurant in almost any city throughout Indonesia.

Not so many visitors know that underwater of Padang coastline possess a one of a kind beauty colourful underwater plants along with endemic coral fishes, truly an amazing scenic view that is easily enjoyable to anybody to see this great underwater scene by diving or simply by snorkeling.

Raja Ampat Islands

Ganti dg Padang offshore

Padang offshore & Mentawai Islands Dive Sites



A true diver devinitely have dived in Menjangan Island of Bali or Kapoposang in Sulawesi or Hoga Island in Wakatobi. Pieh Island, not only boast to equal the greatness of the above mentioned Dive Sites, on which highlighted a wall like sea floor (drop off) and is also are a protected site, Pieh Island does offer more unique touch, on which are pretty much evident when you dive here.

The uniqueness are reflected to the one of a kind fishes, such as the blue botana, Napoleon wrasses and other native fisheries such as, blue trigger and sweet lady, that could only be found in the West and Southern part of the island, you can find various beautiful corals. Due to the greatness of the island, that are covered with smooth and pure white sands, has invite turtles to lay eggs in the sands. Also surrounded with big coconut and palm trees, for those non-divers, the beach could easily give you the great holiday you deserve.   Back to top


The name Gosong is more popular with a ship; the main reason is because, when diving in the area, you will find numerous sunken ships dated hundreds of years that decorated the seabed. This location is amongst the favorite for wreck diver with depth of about 1 5 to 20 meters from surface. In this location, you can easily enjoy a different atmosphere and excitement if compared to other location, which featured mostly corals.

The uniqueness of the site are centered in the bed that tare covered with hard corals and with no sands. Diving on this location, divers could explore the many tunnels and wreckage of the sunken ships that accentuate a different enjoyment to add the enjoyment, when diving through the tunnels and the wrecks, divers will be accompanied with various coral fishes. Also in this location, for divers who haven't seen or swimming with the sharks, this is the best location you want to be.   Back to top


Featuring unsurfaced corals, and in this location, you can find a lighthouse due to the heavy coral populations near at the seabed. During the lowest tide, these Gosong have a depth of 3-6 meters below the surface. Uniquely, live coral bed could be find as deep as 12 meters below surface as some parts of this location, as well as, at the sandy sea beds.

The acropora tabulate and branched arcopora corals dominate the surfaced beds. These are one of the most favorite places for scuba diving, due to reasons of clear waters, enough depth and interesting underwater scenery. However, please to take note that should you are diving in the location, you have to take extra precaution, as the currents in the area is much stronger than any other Gosong in the region. Also, do make sure that the boatman or a friend that stays on the boat continuously monitors your whereabouts during your dive.   Back to top


It took only about 40 minutes from Muara Padang harbour or about 30 minutes from TPI Bungus with an high speed boat. Sirandah Island is a relatively small island that is located about 1 1 miles of the city center of Padang.

Each day, tens of fisherman lay rest on this island waiting for the evening, before setting out back to sea. The beach is covered with soft white sands and some of -the underwater scenery could be seen from the surface, due to the clearness of the water.

The water close to the beach are decorated with corals of branched acropora and heliopora, while in the depth of 2-3 meters from the until the depth of 15 meters from the surface, making this yet unbelievable sight and site for dive. This is a great place for scuba diving and snorkeling. surface is mostly decorated with soft corals. The corals could be found until the depth of 1 5 meters from the surface, making this yet an unbelievable sight and site for dive. This is a great place for scuba diving and snorkeling.   Back to top

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