Diving in Indonesia

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Diving in Indonesia

With over 1 7.508 islands of which about 6.000 are inhabited, sweep across the richest tropical water and vast expanse of ocean on one of the world's most volatile volcanic belt. The land of Indonesia stretches more than 5.1 50 kilometers between the Australian and Asian continentals and divides the Pacific and Indian Oceans at the Equator. At least 80.000 kilometers of coastline, the territorial waters include 3. 1 million square kilometers of tropical seas.

This enormous archipelago sits on the western edge of the Pacific Rim, seismically active area known as the " Ring of Fire " . Seventy-six volcanoes have erupted here over time, including the world's largest volcanic eruption ever recorded at Tambora on Sumbawa east of Bali. This volatility makes Indonesia a hotbed of biodiversity. The Wallace Line, an invisible line that divides Asian and Australian flora and fauna, runs between the islands of Bali and Lombok up through the Malay Peninsula. Deepwater channels between the islands prevented formation of ancient land bridges, effectively isolating Asia and Australia from each other.

Indonesia offers you dramatic vistas with topographic that varies from rice paddies, mangroves, and volcanoes to rain forests and yes, even glaciers. Culturally, the Indonesian archipelago links the peoples of Asia with the Melanesians of the Pacific Islands. Indonesia is one of the population resides on the island of Java and thousands of islands remain uninhabited. With more than 400 ethnic groups speaking over 250 distinct languages and the national language is Bahasa Indonesia.

Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat Islands

Situated at the equator and has tropical weather, Indonesia aquatic is one of the reasons for fish population to be extremely abundant here. About 4.000 species of fish and several hundred species of coral reefs are found in the Indonesia waters (over 25% of planet's fish species). With a high coral fish diversity index, Raja Ampat underwater in Papua considered the richest of marine life kingdom in the world.

Experienced divers will be excited by the possibility of diving clear, rich waters without being surrounded by hordes of human beings. It is very possible to dive areas where no one has yet gone underwater. The diving is excellent, inexpensive and un-crowded. Live a board is the obvious solution to diving in Indonesia, with its thousands of islands and huge area. Some of the boats are luxurious and expensive but take you to the top dive locations in Indonesia.

Marine resources combined with friendly people that involved in preserving the coastal and sea environment and the finest oceanic resorts available are your best choice to surface on. Take your adventurous and pleasure moments in the deep blue of Indonesia.

Dive Sites in Indonesia


  1. Weh Island
  2. Bintan Island
  3. Natuna and Lingga Island
  4. Padang Offshore and Mentawai Islands


  1. Krakatau
  2. Ujung Kulon
  3. Thousand Island
  4. Karimunjawa


  1. Derawan
  2. Sangalaki


  1. Menjangan Island
  2. Pemuteran
  3. Nusa Penida
  4. Nusa Lembongan
  5. Padang Bay
  6. Candi Dasa
  7. Cemeluk
  8. Tulamben

Nusa Tenggara

  1. Gili Islands
  2. Komodo National Park
  3. Maumere Bay
  4. Alor


  1. Bunaken
  2. Sangihe Talaud Islands
  3. Bangka Islands
  4. Lembeh Strait
  5. Selayar Takabonerate
  6. Banggai Island
  7. Togean Island
  8. Wakatobi


  1. Banda Islands
  2. Halmahera


  1. Manokwari
  2. Raja Ampat