Lampung Tourism

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Tourism of Lampung

Lampung Tourism

Ancient Chinese travel chronicles refer to a place in the most southerly part of Sumatra called ‘Lampung’ or ‘place of southerly winds’. The province is generally flat with the highest mountains being Gunung Persagi, Tanggamas, Seminiung, Sekincau and Raya, all dormant volcanoes. Bandar Lampung, the Provincial capital, was formerly two separate towns, Tanjungkarang and the port of Teluk Betung, which after the devastating eruption of Krakatau in the late 19th century, were both completely covered in volcanic ash. In time, however, these two towns merged to become a single city.

Lampung Traditional Clothing

Traditional Clothing in Lampung

Interest Places

Way Kambas Lampung National Park and Way Kambas Elephant Safari

Way Kambas Lampung National Park offers unique and challenging tourism destinations and one is the elephant safari. Here the tourists are allowed to go around the national park riding elephant that are trained at the Elephant Training Center of TNWK. They can do the safari in day time as well as at night enjoying the natural landscape of the National Park of Way Kambas.

Way Kambas National Park is quite far from Jakarta. Tourists can travel by air or by sea. Air travel would take about 20 minutes from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung. By sea, you go across with ferry from Merak to Bakauheni Port and it will take about 3 hours. From Bandar Lampung or Bakauheni Port then you continue your trip to Way Kambas National Park.

Way Kambas Lampung National Park

Way Kambas Reserve

Arriving at the elephant training center at this park, tourists are to see the training activities of the elephants lead by the elephant instructors. Tourists can see how the elephants are trained for a performance and also how elephants take a bath. The elephants here are mostly trained to do certain work, for example for tourism-related activities, timber transportation, forest patrol, catching and chasing away wild elephants and help the plough work in the rice fields. Trained elephants are mostly sent to Safari Park and zoo both in areas in Indonesia and overseas.

After observing the elephants in this park, tourists continue their adventure to do a safari to the jungle by riding trained elephant. This activity is under the supervision of trained instructor who knows very well the field and masters the way to control the elephants.

Way Kambas National Park has mostly open lowland forest where grasses and weeds grow so high. While riding the elephant tourists can take pictures of many endangered fauna found inside the park area. To be able to see most of them, tourists are recommended to come in the morning or in the afternoon. If you are lucky, other than deer, boar, wild elephant, you will have the chance to witness a scene of a lifetime which is observing with your own eyes the black panther and the Sumatran tiger that are so rarely found and seen.

For more challenging adventure or to have different scenery, this park offers tourists with a night safari. Usually at night hundreds of deer and wild boar will approach the elephant cage and the compound where the instructors sleep. If you decide to spend a night here, you can put up a tent in the camping ground or you can also sleep in the instructors’ compound.

For those who like to participate in a safari in the park, be careful with the heat of the sun that could burn your skin. To make sure that you are comfortable on your safari, wear long sleeve shirt and hat to protect your face and do wear shoes that cover your ankle. To take anti-insect lotion is also a must for this lifetime safari.

Kalianda Beach and Anak Krakatau Crater

Kalianda Beach and Anak Krakatau Crater

Krakatau Crater

Krakatau Crater is located in the middle of Sunda Strait, a strait separating the island of Java and Sumatera. Krakatau Crater is piles of lava that forms a big crater. As active volcano, Krakatau Crater is such an attractive tourist destination. Tourists can watch natural fireworks which are in fact the strong spray of lava in red and golden yellow color coming out from the crater.

In this location, tourists are indulged with gorgeous mountainous view so close to lava spray, unique undersea panorama and the beauty of a tropical island with diverse trees and songs of birds. There is more than that; the black sandy beach and the beautiful scenery from the top of the Krakatau Crater turn out to be the empowering reason to get to the mountain top.

To have this unique experience, from Jakarta tourists can have a short flight of 45 minutes to Bandar Lampung or use ferry through Merak Port in Banten. The main destination is Canti Village, South Lampung which is the closest fishermen port heading to Krakatau Crater. This village is only two-hour drive from Bahauheni Port in Lampung.

From the wharf in Canti Village, tourists can rent a motorboat owned by the fishermen to get to the Krakatau Crater. It takes about 1,5 hour to reach the mountain. The tariff for the motorboat is about Rp 1.2 million – 1.5 million for 20 people in one boat.

Batu Mayat Prehistoric Site

Batu Mayat Prehistoric Site

Pugung Archaeological Site

Pugung Archaeological Site in Pugung Raharjo Village, 40 kilometers northeast of Bandar Lampung is an archeological site with remains from the prehistoric, megalithic and classical Hindu-Buddhist eras.

Merak Belantung Beach

Merak Belantung Beach lies 40 kilometers south of Bandar Lampung on the way to the seaport of Bakauheni. The beach is ideal for swimming and wind surfing. Cottages are available.


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