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West Sulawesi

West Sulawesi

West Sulawesi Province is the extension of South Sulawesi Province, with Mamuju as its capital. Administratively, the province is divided into 5 regencies. West Sulawesi Province is topographically diverse, comprising a coastal line, lowlands and highlands, making this province fertile. The coastal people of West Sulawesi are famed as daring mariners.

Using traditional boats, called the sandeq, they have sailed the farthest reaches of Indonesia, and even reaching as far as the neighboring countries of Malaysia and Australia. On the other hand, the province’s mountain population has a cultural affinity with the ethnic Torajans in terms of architecture, language, clothing as well as traditional ceremonies. West Sulawesi Province has a fantastic mountain vista, unique culture as well as a vast array of tourist destinations scattered along its coastal and mountainous areas.

West Sulawesi Interest Places

West Sulawesi Interest Places

Places of Interest

Karampuang Island

Karampuang Island in Mamuju Regency. Karampuang Island is a white sanded marine tourist destination with extensive facilities. There are untouched natural coral reefs found surrounding the island.

Tamasapi Waterfall

Tamasapi Waterfall in Mamuju Regency. At the site of this 70 meters high waterfall, tourists can enjoy cool mountain weather with its naturally clear and refreshing waters.

Traditional Mamuju House

The traditional Mamuju house consists of a complex comprising the salssa (king’s abode), which serve as the main dwelling, the bandara raja (royal family), pengawal raja (guard), lumbung pangan (food barn), black smith, gold crafter, horse stall and deer pen.

Gusung Toraya Island and Majene White Sand Beach

Gusung Toraya Island and Majene White Sand Beach


Majene, 302 kilometers from Makassar in the western port of Sulawesi, has a long beach line. The coastal area is mostly covered with white sand. This town is famous for its silk ‘Sarong Mandor Weaving’.

Gusung Toraya Island

The small island is located in Polewalli Mandar and is another pardise on earth, you don't want to miss this beautiful white sand beaches where lying and swimming all day will be your main hobbies.

Limboro National Hot Water Bath

The bath is located atop the cool Limboro Mountain. It overlooks stunning natural scenery of cocoa and nutmeg plantations.

Ecotourism in Kunyi

Kunyi is a popular venue for agro tourism, with its 30 meters high waterfall with clear and cool waters surrounded by lansium, durian, rambutan, and coffee plantations.

Liawan Waterfall

This waterfall is located in a forest in the Mamasa Regency. The site has a camping ground, resting and outdoor barbeque facilities.

Mambuliling Mountain

Mambuliling Mountain, This 2,741 high mountain is great for climbing or trekking enthusiasts.

Sollokon Waterfall and Malimbong Natural Hot Water Spring

These sites are located at the southern tour entrance gate of Mamasa. These sites can also satisfy those looking for a more adventurous type of tour.


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